Turn your players
into makers

Capture, audit, and monetize user-generated content (UGC) in your game
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Foster a community of creators
within your game

Craft a dedicated space where your players can share contributions such as 3D assets, musics or animations, interact with each other and access useful resources.

TOgrow your game

You set your
technical guidelines

You can set  100+ technical guidelines that your creators should follow. You can add specs such as file format, number of polygons, rig for animations, etc.

We audit user
contributions automatically

Allow your fans to create content using their preferred tools. When we receive a player’s contribution, PlayMakers automatically checks if they adhere to your technical guidelines.

If we detect incompatibilities,
we correct them

We automatically correct technical incompatibilities or explain the issue to the creator.

UGC becomes
“game compliant”

We examined over 300 data points to ensure your player's contributions are “game compliant” and can be seamlessly implemented in-game, across all devices in minutes.

Monetize the potential of player-made assets

Unlock new revenue opportunities by selling user-generated assets in your in-game shop.
And  split the revenue generated with the creators.

Community’s expression

Local events, memes... sell ready-to-use fan-made skins to drive higher revenues.

A percentage for the creator

Keep the creators by your side, by rewarding them financially easily.

Influencers in your team

Attract brands and influencers to create content reflecting their community.

Makers in the wild


They believe in what
we are doing

Hugues Ouvrard

“PlayMakers is building the ultimate platform to harness players’ creativity.“

Vincent Hart de Keating

Co-founder of

Bilal el Amany

Co-founder of

Sebastien Borget

CEO of


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Frequently asked questions

What is PlayMakers?

PlayMakers is an in-game UGC API allowing your players to craft and submit new game assets such as character skins, maps, animations, and more. As a studio, you can implement the best player-made creations in minutes or monetize them by selling them in an in-game UGC shop. Studios can increase their game lifespan, and generate new revenues thanks to UGC.

Is PlayMakers a more effective approach to modding?

Just like with other mod management tools, players can submit new game assets, and PlayMakers store and index them. But we go further. Files are audited to work within your game. Incompatibility issues are corrected. And you can implement the best contributions, in an official update, reaching your whole userbase to improve your game lifespan, or monetize them to unlock new revenue opportunities.

Who safeguards copyrights and your IP?

We do. PlayMakers guarantees compliance with your IP, copyrights, content rating standards, and filters out any profanity on your behalf. Moreover, as a studio, you have your own Studio Dashboard, an interface allowing you to moderate, validate or reject players' contributions.

What is PlayMakers business model?

PlayMakers is relying on a monthly subscription. You can start receiving UGC, audit it, and implement with no limit; However, we start charging if you decide to monetize some of the players' creations as micro-transactions in your shop.

You want to unlock new revenue potential brought by UGC in your game?

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