Turn your players
into makers

Capture, audit, and monetize user-generated content (UGC) in your game

The home
for your community to flourish

Imagine a customizable platform where your community can grow and players can become creators, making skins, emotes, music, and more, with proper guidance and tools. Creators receive comments and votes from other players before seeing their creations in-game. PlayMakers' Hub is the best way to strengthen your relationship with and within your community.


You set your
technical guidelines

Set  100+ technical guidelines for your creators to follow, including specifications like file format, polygon count, animation rigging, and more.

We audit user
contributions automatically

Allow your fans to create content using their preferred tools. When a player submits their contribution, PlayMakers automatically verifies that it adheres to your technical guidelines.

If we detect incompatibilities,
we correct them

We automatically correct technical incompatibilities or provide detailed feedback to the creator.

UGC becomes
“game compliant”

We examine over 300 data points to ensure your players' contributions are "game compliant" and can be seamlessly implemented across all devices in minutes.

GENERATE 25% MORE REVENUES by monetizing player-made CREATIONS

Unlock new revenue opportunities by selling user-generated assets in your in-game shop.
You can even split the revenue generated with the top creators.

Community’s expression

Sell ready-to-use fan-made cosmetics, inspired by local events, memes, news...

A percentage for the creator

Keep the creators by your side, by rewarding them financially easily.

Influencers in your team

Attract brands and influencers to create content reflecting their community.

Makers in the wild


They believe in what
we are doing

Hugues Ouvrard

“PlayMakers is building the ultimate platform to harness players’ creativity.“

Vincent Hart de Keating

Co-founder of

Bilal el Amany

Co-founder of

Sebastien Borget

CEO of


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Frequently asked questions

What is PlayMakers?

PlayMakers is a customizable hub and API that allows your players to craft and submit new game assets such as character skins, maps, animations, and more. As a studio, you can implement the best player-made creations in minutes or monetize them. Studios can increase their game's lifespan, reduce development costs, improve community engagement, and generate new revenue through user-generated content (UGC).

Is PlayMakers a more effective approach to modding?

Just like other mod management tools, PlayMakers allows players to submit new game assets, which we store and index. But we go further. Files are audited to ensure compatibility with your game, and any issues are corrected. You can then implement the best contributions in an official update, reaching your entire user base to enhance your game's lifespan, or monetize them to unlock new revenue opportunities.

Who safeguards copyrights and your IP?

PlayMakers guarantees compliance with your IP, copyrights, content rating standards, and automatically filters out profanity using AI. Additionally, as a studio, you have access to your own Dashboard—an interface that enables you to moderate, validate, or reject player contributions.

What is PlayMakers' business model?

PlayMakers operates on a monthly subscription basis. You can start receiving UGC for implementation at no cost. Charges begin based on the number of creators and users on the platform.

You want to grow your game thanks to UGC?

Let's chat! We answer in less than 24 hours.