What we believe in

Game creation needs a change and we believe in empowering gamers to do it.
By turning gamers into makers, titles can grow exponentially, with content pre-tailored to its audience. By leveraging fans work, we can turn fandoms into massive gaming studios.

Who we are

We are PlayMakers, ambitious tech enthusiasts with a passion for games at core. We are on our way to change the way games are made, by allowing game creators to leverage their audiences skills and passion to elevate games to their full potential.

What we do

We provide the technical tools and game design knowledge to build and scale games through UGC at the core of the experience. No more mods, no more standalone experiences, fans build the game itself and are rewarded for it.

How it works

1. Capturing

Fans  upload their files built on the tool of their choice.

2. Auditing

PlayMakers audits and automatically corrects contributions incompatibilities, making them game-ready.

3. Implementing

Once validated by the community, studios can call the game assets directly from their engine via API and implement them in the games.

Games powered by PlayMakers


Street Fighter meets strategy in a breathtaking simulation game. KAYO is a strategy fighting game, where you play as a coach. Recruit your unique fighter, coach it and unleash its full hidden potential in stunning 1v1 3d fights

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The yet to be revealed second title supported by the PlayMakers ecosystem will redefine mobile gaming standards by putting UGC at the heart of the gaming experience. More will be announced soon so stay tuned!

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We believe in bringing fans and game makers together to drive games potential beyond their limits.
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