harnessing players’ creativity

We're a team of entrepreneurial minds experienced with scaling games to hundreds of millions of downloads and driven by a passion for crafting elegant solutions to solve intricate challenges.

Today, we're pioneering the rise of user-generated games.

“We shape the future of the gaming industry, in an innovative, collaborative, and fast-paced environment where creativity and expertise are valued.”

Costantino Carrega Bertolini
Co-Founder @PlayMakers

Our Values


We use our curiosity and creativity to solve hard problems

We encourage relentless experimentation, and creative approaches to solve complex challenges.

We think that technology is only a means to an end: delight users

While we are adept at harnessing cutting-edge technology, we understand that innovation for its own sake is not enough.

We are proud of what we do, and what we bring to the gaming world

We want to redefine the gaming industry and prioritize meaningful, lasting change.

We act with openness and transparency in our actions

We acknowledge that growth comes from challenges and setbacks.  We are share and reflect on them.

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Ilan Nabeth

CEO & Co-founder
Costantino Carrega, CPO and Co-founder of PlayMakers

Costantino Carrega

CPO & Co-founder
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Maxime Niankouri

CTO & Co-founder

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