Get 1,000S of new creatives every week

With PlayMakers, you can turn your players into ad-creators inside your game. Any of your player can submit a video, and be rewarded if it meets your expectations.

Scale your creative production in minutes

No one to manage

Players can submit creatives promoting your product, in one-click, inside your game.

Nothing to prepare

Simply receive new ads every week, ready to be used in your marketing campaigns.

Only pay for the best creatives

Only reward the best creators with a fixed payment if you like their creatives.

Unlimited potential

Tap into creative, diverse, and authentic videos by giving a voice to your true fans.

Unleash the creativity of millions of users

PlayMakers provides the Creator Hub SDK. With just a few taps within the game, your players can effortlessly submit videos and access marketing resources, examples and tutorials. We made creation super easy for them.

review and REWARD player made creatives within seconds

Your marketing team can review all the creatives made by your players in a dedicated dashboard. Then, they can initiate UA test campaigns with a single click, swiftly identifying the most impactful ads. Depending on performance, creators are financially rewarded seamlessly.

Frequently asked questions

Why are UGC creatives more efficient?

Tapping into players' perspectives to showcase unique aspects of your game, while offering them to show some creative and authentic while injecting fun and personal storytelling, ultimately creates a dynamic marketing strategy that can scale worldwide

What type of creatives can I expect from my players?

We witnessed players orchestrating entire productions, from scripting and staging to captivating performances; some opt to provide fun reactions to game updates or user-generated content, while others ingeniously weave in TikTok trends and real-world news... The outcome is a tapestry of diverse and creative content.

How many creatives can I expect per month?

As PlayMakers seamlessly integrates into your game environment, it's a direct invitation for your players to become content creators with enticing rewards. You can anticipate a strong conversion, with an estimated 0.5% to 2% of your player base embracing their inner video-maker prowess.

How can I reward creators?

You can reward creators simply through our dashboard. You can reward creators based on the CPI / CTR results of their ads. PlayMakers handles KYC (know-your customers) for you, streamlining administrative complexities.

Player-made creatives are finally here.

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